Moving advice – Planning your move

If your move is to a house, flat, office or if you’re a student just moving a few small boxes, here’s a few tips to help things move more smoothly!

Date: Book your removal as soon as possible and always confirm dates and times.
Contact: Contact telephone numbers are always necessary.
Furniture: Be sure your removal company is covered by GOODS IN TRANSIT insurance. You can move units complete but joints may loosen. It’s always best to dismantle system furniture before its moved!
Packaging: Box as much as possible making sure all items are packed securely and tightly, for speedy loading, protection, easy trolleying, and tidy stacking on the removal van.

Always be sure and check that your larger items i.e. wardrobes and non flat packed furniture will fit into your new home.

Packaging Tips:
Materials: Boxes, marking pen, bubble wrap, blankets, newspaper, tape and scissors, tape measure.
Always use strong boxes and containers that can be secured tightly. Purchase special boxes/plastic containers for dishes and other special items (all items can be supplied on request) prior to your official moving date. Pack audio-video equipment in their original boxes if possible.
Avoid loading more than 50 pounds into one box.
Label each box and indicate the following: (a) Which room it should go in (b) Whether it is fragile (c) If it should be loaded last so it will be unloaded first.
Cushion contents with packing material such as bubble wrap, newspaper or tissue, and win real money on jeux de casino. Save room by using towels and blankets to wrap fragile items. Pack books tightly on end in small boxes.
Carry all valuables with you.

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Just before moving day…
Try to plan out where you want your possessions in the new home – drawing a plan is useful. Make sure someone is at the destination to show where you would like your items to go.
Flats: If the lift is small (or non-existent) warn us in advance – do not leave it until the removal van arrives.
Warn us about any unexpected hazards such as poor access, small doorways, spiral staircases or trees close by.
Spare key: It happens all the time – the van is at the new house before the owner. Waiting time will cost more so, if possible, give the foreman a key.
Small problems: Try to have children and pets looked after by relatives or neighbors – you will have enough to do without worrying about what they’re up to.
Checking out: Before you leave the house, check the rooms to make sure nothing has been left behind.

Check list:

  • Arrange a contact number
  • Dispose of anything you don’t want
  • Start running down freezer components
  • Arrange carpet fitters for different time than removal company
  • Take meter readings book mains services for disconnections
  • Cancel all rental agreements
  • Notify doctor, dentist, optician, vet
  • Tell your bank and savings/share accounts
  • Inform telephone company
  • Ask the Post Office to re-route mail
  • Tell TV license, car registration, passport offices
  • Notify HP and credit firms
  • Clear the loft (Rules & Regs Apply)
  • Disconnect any domestic appliances
  • Organise parking at new home
  • Plan where things go in new home
  • Cancel milk and newspapers
  • Arrange minders for children and pets
  • Contact friends and relatives and inform of new address
  • Put garage and garden tools together
  • Take down curtains and blinds

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Please remember if there is anything you would like to discuss or if you need more advice do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.