Our quotation is only valid for twenty eight days unless stated otherwise.
We may amend our quotation if:

1. Our quotation is not accepted within twenty eight days or additional work is added after a quote has been accepted in which case we will provide you with a further quotation.

2. Additional Goods, are included after your original quotation. You must inform us in good time if you wish to include any additional items. We will always advise you of any price increase. Additional items will not be included until we have agreed a price with you.

3. Stairs, lifts, walk ways, windows or door ways are inadequate for free movement of goods without risk of damage or injury, or the approach road and/or driveway is unsuitable for our vehicles to load/unload, also if we are asked to collect/deliver above ground floor or first upper floors.

4. Overheads or operational cost may go up as a result of increase but not limited to taxes, roads tolls, fuel, or any other expenses outside our control. You are responsible for any parking or meter charges which we may incur whilst carrying out work for you.

5. Unless agreed otherwise our price does not include putting up or taking down self assembly kit furniture and fixtures, disconnecting/connecting domestics i.e. fridges, washing machine, dish washer or moving loaded fridges/freezers. In such circumstances we always recommend you contact the manufacturer or suitability qualified person. We may move goods from lofts or attics only if properly floored with good entry and exit (we are not liable for any loss or damage which may occur in carrying out such work). We will supply all materials for your move on request and you may be charged accordingly if you wish to keep any moving materials i.e. boxes, bubble wrap, dust sheets, mattress covers and sofa covers etc.

6. Accepting this agreement means you declare all items to be handled are either free of any legal charge or burden and that all contents is your own property or you have full authority of the owner or anyone with any legal interest in any items to be moved.

7. Unless agreed you must be present through out to ensure no items are left behind in error (we can not be held responsible). Arrange proper protection for any items left unoccupied or where workmen maybe present again (we can not be held responsible) please see our insurance policy on jeux de casino.

8. You decide to cancel or postpone the work agreement within fourteen days from the start of the work date you agree to pay £50.00 cancellation fee. If you decide to cancel or postpone the work agreement within seven days from the start of the work date you agree to pay 25% of the price of work. If you decide to cancel or postpone the work agreement on the day the work will be commencing or anytime after work has started you agree to pay 100% of the price of work.

9. Negligence or breach of contract on our behalf or otherwise responsible for causing loss or damage to your property/premises we will pay you (A) the cost of repairing the damaged area to a limit of £75.00 per property/premises. (B) We can not be held responsible for damage caused by fire we advise you take a separate insurance cover for this risk. If you ask us to arrange this cover for you, in writing we will, you will need to declare the full value of your items and pay the premium in advance. (C) Loss or damage caused by yourself or others due to poor packaging.

10. We are not liable for the following items: jewellery, trinkets, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps or coins (or collector’s items of any kind) plants, and animals. We can not accept any responsibility for any claims or loss or damage to these items or similar goods that may be placed in our custody. Please try to arrange alternative transport or storage arrangements for such items.

11. We work within a time limit for reporting any claim(s) you must notify us in writing on any specific loss or damage within the specified time limit of fourteen days of completion of work carried out otherwise we will not be liable.

Supamoves.com Domestic Terms and Conditions for Removals and Storage
within the UK and Ireland (May 2006)
© supamoves.com

STORAGE – Terms & Conditions:

1. In using our storage facility, you confirm that the goods in the unit are your own property or that the person who owns or has any legal interest in them has given you irrevocable authority to store the goods in the unit and that you act as a duly authorised agent of any such person. You will pay any costs we incur or claims made against us if this is not true.

2. We may alter our fees at any time and fee changes may take effect at anytime.

3. In the event that any cheque is dishonored, we may charge you for any reasonable costs or loses incurred by us each time the cheque is returned or is not allowed (the same is to apply for our removal service).

4. If you do not pay our fees by the due date then we may charge you our reasonable costs and charges for accepting late payments.

5. All sums payable to us will become due immediately unless you have terminated this agreement due to our negligence.

6. You must pay your deposit from the start of this agreement. The deposit will be returned to you (without interest) no more than 21 days after this agreement terminates, less any reasonable amount we may in our sole discretion deduct to cover:-
6.1. any breach of our conditions
6.2. any of our fees which have not been paid or any unpaid removal or other charges. This is not limited to administration cost.
6.3. any other obligation to us that you have not performed.

7. If any sum payable is not paid when due, then, in addition to any other rights we may have, we will be entitled to suspend your access rights to the unit and the site and install a new lock on the unit until the outstanding amount has been received by us.
7.1. If we still do not hear from you, having given you 14 days further notice, we reserve the right to sell some or all of your goods for the best price reasonably available (and pass good title to them) to discharge any outstanding sums due to us and to cover the cost of sale. If the proceeds from the sale are insufficient to discharge your outstanding sums due to us then you will remain responsible for the balance and we may take action to recover the outstanding amounts. We will pay to you the balance, if any still remaining.
7.2. treat any goods not sold in accordance as abandoned and destroy or otherwise dispose of them.